The Jakarta Post (Indonesia)

PROBOLINGGO, Indonesia (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Mount Bromo in East Java erupted on Monday Morning, emitting a 600-meter-high ash column into the air, the Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG) reported.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - One of the basic questions that should have been raised on the food issue during the presidential debate is: How do the candidates define the meaning of food security or food self-sufficiency, set against the gradual shifts in the patterns of food consumption?

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Indonesia and the South Korean will relaunch negotiations for the Indonesia-Korea Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IK-CEPA).

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - South Korean government is conducting the feasibility study that would help ensure companies from the country to invest in Indonesia.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Rivaling presidential election camps of Jokowi and Prabowo call on the police to thoroughly investigate the explosion during Sunday's debate.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Talking about politics online is now no longer a pastime but has turned into a fistfight and one wrong statement could land everyone in hot water.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Indonesia is willing to speak openly and bluntly about Chinese transgressions, including in the South China Sea.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Indonesia is trying to open more access to European market via Russian cities of St. Petersburg and Vladivostok.

BALIKPAPAN, Indonesia (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Kalimantan will have its first toll road connecting Balikpapan and Samarina - both cities are significant for East Kalimantan's economy.

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN) - Integrated fish trading systems such as the stock exchange would maintain fish prices and improve the welfare of fisherpeople.