Dawn (Pakistan)

KARACHI, Pakistan (Dawn/ANN) - Rejecting military solution, PM says every conflict has a political solution.

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - ​It is not so easy to generate the impetus for a change in our political imaginary.

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - Pakistan has been elected 19 times to the board in the past and has played a crucial part in the formulation of the agency's policies and programmes.

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - Indian Ministry of External Affairs confirmed PM Khan's approach today, with its spokesperson Raveesh Kumar saying: "The letter we have received was a response to that letter which was handed over to us by Pakistan's High Commissioner to India on Sept 17."

KARACHI, Pakistan (Dawn/ANN) - The disease has not received the global attention it deserves.

KARACHI, Pakistan (Dawn/ANN) - ​On the one hand, the government is trying to raise revenues, while on the other, it has given sweeping benefits to non-filers of income tax returns.

KARACHI, Pakistan (Dawn/ANN) - ​NAB has failed to establish itself as an institution that is fair and has its practices firmly rooted in the law. 

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - Both the countries expressed complete solidarity with each other in their “efforts at preserving their sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

LAHORE, Pakistan (Dawn/ANN) - ​The state is becoming more and more violent. It only issues orders and does not talk to the people.

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - The gains of the military operations can only be sustained by administrative interventions.