Dawn (Pakistan)

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - We imagine ourselves safe, not at threat of armed men arriving in the depths of the night.

KARACHI, Pakistan (Dawn/ANN) - HR watchdog calls on authorities to carry out an investigation to identify perpetrators.

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - Action plan includes commitment that Pakistan would support Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation.

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - Col Hall allowed to leave the country after negotiations with US officials.

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - Senators demand that former PM Nawaz Sharif apologise to the nation and retract his statement.

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - It is not Pakistan, but India that has delayed the finalisation of the Mumbai attacks case, says statement.

LONDON (Dawn/ANN) - The one consistent strand in Trump’s foreign policy has been the single-minded, open-ended support he has given Israel. 

LAHORE, Pakistan (Dawn/ANN) - ​"I was told that no room was booked in my name as no Pakistani was invited to the event," says Moneeza Hashmi.

ISLAMABAD (Dawn/ANN) - PML-N supremo dispels notion that comments were falsely attributed to him, says he will speak the truth come what may. His remarks have stirred a controversy in Pakistan as well as across the border in India.

LAHORE (Dawn/ANN) - The resolution pointed out that the Indian general's statement was an admission that the Kashmiri people are not terrorists but ordinary people who are fighting for freedom.