The Daily Star (Bangladesh)

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) - Of the 89 train accidents in 2017-2018, 71.91 per cent occurred due to human failures, 9.32 per cent for technical defects and 11.23 per cent for miscellaneous reasons, Bangladesh Railway says.

DHAKA (The daily Star/ANN) - Agriculture ministry says crops on 22,836 hectares were damaged by the November-10 cyclone, resulting in the loss of 72,200 tonnes of crops worth about US$30 million.

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) – On behalf of OIC, the Gambia files the case with International Court of Justice seeking orders to stop atrocities on Rohingyas immediately

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) - A new index will be introduced by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) at the Dhaka Stock Exchange this year to attract Chinese investors to the secondary market of Bangladesh’s premier bourse.   

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) - US condemns Myanmar for inaction in creating conducive environment for Rohingya return.

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) – The US wants to make big investments in infrastructure, energy, as well as in strengthening Bangladesh’s institutions to improve governance under the Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS).

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) – Asean leaders reiterate call for “safe, secure, and dignified” return of displaced persons from Rakhine State who fled to Bangladesh facing a brutal crackdown. 

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) - Visiting World Bank officials, in a meeting with PM Sheikh Hasina, has also hailed Bangladesh’s incredible development over the last one decade. 

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) - Finds study on the city’s air quality in last 5 years.

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) - Tanners in Bangladesh yet to pay all dues to rawhide merchants posing challenge to the whole sector.