China Daily (China)

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) – Hao Jingfang’s latest work, The Other Shore for Humans, spotlights artificial intelligence. 

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) – Chinese publishers are finding innovative ways to take the written word overseas-from discounts on buying books online to translating web novels into English.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - Strong economic fundamentals to help nation weather US interest rate shocks.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - Births fell by some 3.5 per cent last year on the Chinese mainland.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - Beijing’s air quality underwent improvements in 2017.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - The community of a shared future for mankind is an important concept in a world still largely characterized by wars, ethnic conflicts and economic rivalries, a senior China watcher said.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - The Ministry of Commerce challenged on Thursday the objectivity and accountability of “notorious markets” list by the United States.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - China will expand nationwide this year a pilot project assigning criminal defense lawyers to represent defendants in criminal cases who don’t have lawyers to protect their human rights, a senior official from the Ministry of Justice said.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - China’s economic growth beat forecasts to reach 6.9 per cent year-on-year in 2017, marking the first acceleration since 2010 despite financial regulatory tightening and measures against pollution that affect growth.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - It seems that they have yet to learn a lesson from their miscalculations in the past.