China Daily (China)

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - The reserve’s administrative bureau issued a photo of the all-white panda on Saturday, showing it passing through a lush forest.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - The Hague Agreement for the international registration of industrial designs, a mechanism aimed at intellectual property protection, currently has 70 contracting parties worldwide.

Beijing (China Daily / ANN) - Whoever succeeds May will face the formidable tasks of finding a solution to the Brexit dilemma and bringing certainty and confidence to the United Kingdom’s relations with its major international partners, including China.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - Once again there was no evidence to back up the allegation that Huawei has been doing espionage work on behalf of the Chinese government.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - The nearly $200 billion of Chinese goods hit by additional US tariffs on May 10 accounted for 41.8 per cent of China’s US exports in 2018, or 8 per cent of its total exports.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - Premier Li Keqiang called for full implementation of tax cuts and fee reductions to better stimulate market vitality and consolidate economic growth during an inspection trip in Shandong province on Friday and Saturday. 

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - A festival in Beijing’s Olympic Park has attracted foodies from around China and beyond with its dazzling array of regional specialties. 

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - PBOC has adequate tools to ward off threats from unexpected swings.

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - Reportedly, the United States administration is considering extending its attacks on Chinese companies by blacklisting China’s largest surveillance equipment manufacturer Hikvision. 

BEIJING (China Daily/ANN) - Whatever the result of the trade dispute with the United States, China must do a good job when it comes to the growth of its own economy and the development of its own science and technology.