ANN Desk (Asia)

The members of the ANN News Desk is located in several Asian countries. Stories under this lable are written by the ANN Team.

DHAKA (The Daily Star/ANN) - This fiscal year in South Asia, the Bangladesh economy is forecast to achieve the second highest growth rate the World Bank said in its biennial regional economic update yesterday.  

PHNOM PENH (ANN Desk) - Economies of East Asia and the Pacific as a region together outperformed other regions of the world with the highest media score – topped off by Singapore which elevated as the world’s most competitive economy, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2019 Report.

COLOMBO (ANN Desk) - The culture of relative silence enveloping Sri Lanka’s foreign policy questions is traceable to a tendency on the part of Sri Lankan governments, foreign affairs officials and the political class to steer clear of robustly discussing them in public.

ANN Desk (BANGKOK) - Overall, this year’s results show that as a region, East Asia and the Pacific achieved the highest median score among all regions, coming out ahead of Europe and North America.

HONG KONG (ANN) - The real meaning of democracy and freedom is local in practice, and not theoretical ideals that are universal to all.   How democracy and freedoms are practiced are the result of complex social contracts negotiated politically at the local level.

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/ANN) - The centres near Gwanghwamun Square in central Seoul will provide interactive ways to imitate K-pop dances while providing such content as K-pop concerts and the changing of royal guards ceremony at Gyeongbok Palace.

NEW DELHI (ANN) - India’s auto industry slowdown has become the single biggest economic headache for the Narendra Modi administration.

KUCHING, Malaysia (The Star/ANN) - Hundreds of wildlife parts, including hornbill ivory and feathers, peacock feathers and bear bile, were seized in a raid in the interior town of Kapit last weekend.

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia (The Star/ANN) - The two most popular choices on The Star readers’ wishlist with just a day to go before Budget 2020 are reducing personal income taxes and increasing subsidies for rice, flour, cooking oil and other essential items.

PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia (The Star/ANN) - The Malaysian Anti -Corruption Commission is seeking to recover US$100 million from 80 individuals and entities which received money from 1MDB.