ANN Desk (Asia)

The members of the ANN News Desk is located in several Asian countries. Stories under this lable are written by the ANN Team.

NEW DELHI (DataLEADS/ ANN) - ​The Global ​Climate Risk Index for 1996-2015 reveals that China has suffered the most financial loss​.

NEW DELHI (DataLEADS/ANN) - Singapore, closely followed by South Korea, remains the best country in which to run a business, according to the World Bank.  While ​Brunei, Thailand and India have registered the most notable improvement in the ease of doing business​, Pakistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh are the region’s lowest ranked economies.

NEW DELHI (ANN Desk) - The air quality levels in the Indian capital and adjoining areas have hit “severe” and the situation is not expected to change for the next two days.

NEW DELHI (ANN Desk) - The current trove of data comes largely from the Bermuda-based law firm Appleby that has been favoured by the super-rich and big corporations for decades.

BANGKOK (Rod Borrowman/ANN Desk) – After lashing Japan on trade and urging it to buy American weaponry, US leader heads to Korean peninsula 

NEW DELHI (The Statesman/ANN Desk) - India is a secular and pluralistic nation as per its Constitution. However, it is becoming increasingly intolerant with a recent surge in Hindu nationalism. 

BANGKOK (ANN Desk) - US president kicks off five-country tour with a minefield of trade tensions and North Korean belligerence ahead of him.

BANGKOK (ANN Desk) - Singapore investigators focus on Goldman Sachs’ role, ban two more financial workers.

BANGKOK (ANN Desk) – Three mega-projects under way in wake of Myanmar crackdown and Rohingya exodus. 

Bangkok (ANN News Desk) - Many of Asia’s nations evolved from colonial influences by the 1950s – they are still young, yet several have ancient histories: India nurtured the development of several present-day main-line religions and while China was united as one nation for millennia it was rent by a civil war that, on cessation in 1949, gave birth to the current People’s Republic of China. 

Across Asia, its leaders, sometimes enjoying a relatively long time in power, are succeeded often by years of rapid change which unsettles their business leaders (who prefer stability so they may plan strategically), and it destabilises their staff who wonder if they will retain their jobs.